Roman Catholic Church Marriage Laws in Goa

Why marry in Goa? Because Goa is the ONLY state in India where prenupitial agreements are legal !!!
Please google on Goan Civil Code !!!!
Goa has separate marriage code !!! Indian marriages codes dont apply on marriages solemned in Goa and as long as couple are in Goa. And Muslim Marriage Code is NOT valid in Goa !!! And neither is Hindu Marriage Code.
Goan Marriage Code also allows prenuptial agreements , which are otherwise illegal in rest of India.
So I openly advice all to move to goa six months before marriage and get goan residency, and then perform and register marriage in Goa after a proper pre-nup agreement.
And here is a reason why Sanjay Dutt and Manyata married in Goa !!! Manyata is Muslim and was married to a Muslim man under Muslim Personal Law. The husband had not divorced her and so marriage with Sanjay Dutt was problematic. But in Goa, Muslim Marriage personal law doesnt apply !! Also, Goan Marriage Code has concept of “deemed divorce” i.e. if any man and woman previously married, have been living separately for long, have had no relation for long, and if any one of them remarries, then old marriage becomes void and new marriage becomes valid, This is even if no divorce decree was officially issued voiding previous marriage. But Muslim personal Law has no such deemed divorce. The husband has to pronouce TTT or Maulavi can dissolve the marriage if the husband has been missing for long. But MPC is void in Goa !!!. And so concept deemed diovoce becomes applicable even on Muslims in Goa !! And so new marriage becomes legal.


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