The making of ISIS – an Iraqi’s account.

Omar Nineveh

I really enjoyed reading your nice presentation, in fact your strict scientific methodology is something that I adore and commit.
Yet, I think that in this subject there is always something missing in following “Facts”, what I want to say is that although shifting the burden of proof is a well known fallacy, yet in many issues humanity had gone into endless debates without reaching a simple satisfactory answer, take the existence of God for example, endless arguments show that one could not affirm God’s existence, yet one could not affirm the opposite, it sounds simple question when discussing Bertrand’s Russell’s teapot, but there are huge amounts of facts which need to be explained before simply saying “there is no proof that God exists, so it is not there” Other example is in theoretical physics, where there was a clear evidence that light acts as discrete packs of photons, which is incompatible withe wave theory, yet light behaves as photons and waves at the very same time…we can not disproof wave behavior by proving photons behavior.
Same is here, although you are absolutely right in you conclusions, yet denying any form of global conspiracy seems to raise questions more than it answers !
I live in Mosul city in Iraq, and I am not raising philosophical issues, but rather to me it is a life or death subject, the future of my kids is on stake, I have seen in my own eyes the american troops holding terrorists in capture, then releasing them to be free again, when at the beginning of Iraq’s invasion people were talking about american troops helping the terrorists escape, it was ridiculous to believe, yet what happened is that all of ISIL leading members are ex US prisoners who were released, or rather “Graduated” from the infamous US prison of Buka.
I have seen in my own eyes hundreds of terrorist gathering and grouping in the dessert in order to attack Mosul, at that time 2-3 F18 air strick could have put and end to a major terrorist attack, yet with all their satellite system which could capture a coin on the ground, ISIL were simply ignored.
What happened is that the US spent billions of dollars and lost thousands of soldiers to give Iraq to their very enemy.
Looking at this, there is something that doesn’t add up, in every country that was stricken by western military action, ISIL was planted and nourished.
During my own life time I have seen people in Iraq being captured for the slightest hint that they were extremists, sometimes having a beard was the only cause!, now after American invasion ISIL is in control of an area equal to Britain ! And this doesn’t add up !
Although you cleverly shown that Mazzini’s letter issue could a fraud all together, yet what is happening on ground is exactly as the alleged letters of Albert Pike predicts!
As if the US wants to build up an ISIL county, then starts a war with Israel.
You rightly said that one should follow the facts, yet doing so shows that in the end what is happening on ground is in exact match with Pik’s scenario, and this needs sound explanation.
We all know that in science a theory is an intellectual framework which explain large amount of facts and has the capability of prediction.
Till this very moment the global conspiracy scenario has the best explanatory and predictive power, and this is a FACT, regardless to whether theses theories are based on facts, fiction, or simply a hunch…


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