Beef ban strengthens secularism

Mr Justin Rowlatt argues that beef ban endangers secularism. He cites the following reasons:

1. The Hindu majority – 80% of the country’s 1.2 billion people – regard cows as divine; the 180 million-strong Muslim minority see them as a tasty meal.

2. Secularism in India means something a little different from elsewhere. It doesn’t mean the state stays out of religion, here it means the state is committed to supporting different religions equally.

3. India’s secularism was a response to horrors of the partition when millions of people were murdered as Hindus and Muslims fled their homes. The country’s first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, argued equal treatment was a reasonable concession to the millions of Muslims who’d decided to risk all by staying in India.

4. India’s triumph has been forging a nation in which Hindus and Muslims can live happily together. The fear is that the beef ban is part of a process that is gradually undermining the compromises that made that possible.

My anwer is as follows.

a1. U have not cited any evidence from the quran along with the authentic tafseer as to how beef ban is anti-islam.

a2. The state is right in supporting the beef ban till u answer a1 above.

a3. The horrors of partition were engineered by the British Imperialists and their Jesuit teachers. They experimented with it during the bengal partition and perfected it in 1947. Just look at Korea, Ottoman empire, etc for the records of european catholic brand imperialism.

a4. The mughal king Babar does not agree with your insinuation that ‘The fear is that the beef ban is part of a process that is gradually undermining the compromises that made that possible.’ Read what ur own website says:
“His [Mughal King Babar] first act after conquering Delhi was to forbid the killing of cows because that was offensive to Hindus.” []

Mr Rowlatt further says that :

Unfortunately for India’s buffaloes, they aren’t regarded as close enough to God to deserve protection. Buffalo is banned in just one of the country’s 29 states. [ I am for banning the slaughter of buffaloes too. Why dont u join PETA and espouse their cause].

There is an economic issue here.

Beef is significantly cheaper than chicken and fish and is part of the staple diet for many Muslims, tribal people and dalits – the low caste Indians who used to be called untouchables. It is also the basis of a vast industry which employs or contributes to the employment of millions of people.

A: People can be employed in areas where they dont have to murder animals. Whenn u murder animals, the habit carries on with u and u find it easy to murder humn beings too.

–And yes we had untouchability. U have slavery

— The fact is that the european settlers are committing genocide on the native american people. And one of the methods employed to decimate the population of the red indians was destruction of cattle [ . In India the british imperialists used muslims to do this job.

In this video one can see how a living non-milk producing cow is more beneficial to the Indians than a dead cow’s meat. And how the mouthpiece of the urea/pesticide corporates r trying to mislead the populations. This misinformation and the urea/pesticide/bank-credit causes the farmer suicides.

Again, we can produce electricity using animal power and stop paying the germans for solar cells.


Why should we killl our animals so that the west is able to eat cheap meat ?

Secularism will be strengthened by the beef ban since murders will be reduced on our land. Ahimsa paramo dharma….

We will work towards import substitution to reduce our dependence on the west. That will give more jobs to the indians.


2 thoughts on “Beef ban strengthens secularism

  1. Cow is sacred for hindus, and it can be acceptable for banning cow killing. But why buffalo? Also, why most of the beef exporters are hindus. Does it stop being sacred when hindus kill it to export to other countries?

    • The vedas forbid killing and eating of all domestic animals unless they become violent/dangerous/mad etc. The hindus who r involved in this trade are not following vedas. They could be following samajwad/socialism/athiesm/anti-ved-tantrism, etc.

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