BBC, Ambedkar,Prof Shamsul Islam [Pol. Sci. D. U.] , Beef eating hindus and the Beef ban Controversy!

The following supplements the material shri Nilankandan provides :

Mr Ambedkar cites Rigved 10. 86.14; 10. 91.14; 10. 72.6 as evidence that vedas allow eating of beef.

10.72.6. YaddevaΠadah salile susamrabdhΠatishthata.
AtrŒ vo nrityatŒamiva tivro renurapaŒyata.
O Devas, when you abide and play together dancing as if joyously in that vast space, then your radiant energy and ecstasy rises high (to receive the descent of life as the ripe gift of the sun on high).

10.86.14. VrishaŒkapaŒyi revati suputra Œadu susnu¦e.
UtŒahamadmi piva idubhaŒ kuksi prananti me vishva smaŒdindra uttara.

Natural powers of creative mother Prakrti ripen, mature and give up fifteen evolutionary forms of matter, energy and mind with twenty parts of the biological systems which I swallow at the completion of the existential cycle and I feel satisfied with the involutionary consumption of the Rtam and Satyam modes of existence. Indra is supreme over all.

10.91.14. YasminnasvaŒsa rishabhŒasa uksano vasaŒ mesaŒ avasrishtas ahutŒ.

KilŒlalape somaprishthaya vedhase hridŒa matim janaye cŒharurumagnaye.

With love and devotion at heart I create this song of thoughtful praise for the kind and graciousAgni under whose order and dispensation horses, virile bulls, cows, sheep and goats are created and range around freely and then are called back to the stalls.

——-Rigved vol. 5 by Prof Tulsi Ram .

Therefore , Ambedkar was wrong.

Further some people say  that rigved 10.85.13 allows beef eating .  See for urself

rigved 10.85.13 dr tulsi ram

Why does the globalist want to
1.  change the mind of the believers of ved ?
2.  uphold the right of the muslim/marxist/christian/athiest/vaam margi hindu/dalit buddhists over that of vedic arya peoples to sacrifice/eat cattle ?

Let us see what history says:


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