Flesh of massacred humans sold in meat markets of Quetta, Pakistan, and served in restaurants – EU report


The Muslim Issue

human meat markets, Quetta, Balochistan

A few of the thousands of missing people in Balochistan in Pakistan.

Published in 2014 and missed by us. This story originates from a report from the European parliament that claims human meat has been found sold in open halal markets of Balochistan and possibly other parts of the country. Had the story not been included in an actual EU report even this level of Muslim savagery would have been hard to almost fathom. The 2007 murder of British teenager Charlene Downes comes to mind, who is believed to have been chopped up and minced into Kebabs by her Muslim sex-groomers and killers.

The Balochistan story is just another never-ending Muslim on Muslim slaughter in the centuries old Sunni-Shia resentment. Muslims give no value to life. Any life. Pakistan has barely any minorities left as it has managed a genocide on minorities and non-Muslims, a problem that has escalated in…

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