Arabs send more terrorists to Burma to create an Islamic state: ‘Many attempts have been made to send Jihadists to Myanmar’

The Muslim Issue

How come Western media is completely silent on this issue? We reported an article from Tunisian media in April 2013, that Qatar is funding 3,500 jihadist to travel to Myanmar (Burma) and slaughter Buddhists. Do you think this is only a reaction by muslims for the protective violence Myanmar has meeted on the Rohingya? Rohingya, by the way,  is synonym of alien Chittagonian separatists or jihadist Mujtahid. They are not some friendly little muslims who are victims of Buddhist violence. The Buddhist have described the Rohingya’s in the following terms: “They are not human. They are satanic”. That is indeed an apt description.

“The term Rohingya is never known to history, nor it is ever recorded in the official documents as the designation of a Muslim coterie in Rakhaing, ostensibly cross-bred by Arab castaways. It is only a belied term employed by the alien Muslim separatists, with the object of…

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