will the muslims undertake jihad for 15 million uyghur muslims suffering under chinese oppression


Reports from Xinjiang document a pattern of abuse, including political imprisonment, torture, and disappearance. Mosques are summarily closed and the Uyghur language is banned from use in universities. Uyghurs are subjected to compulsory unpaid labor in the construction of a pipeline planned to export local petroleum resources to other parts of China. Uyghurs also continue to be the only population in China consistently subjected to executions for political crimes, and these executions are often both summary and public.


Pakistan is interested in 5 million kashmiri muslims lone, aand chooses to ignore the plight of 15 million uyghurs whose religious rights are trampled upon by china !! Why??
USA does not want to help uyghurs destroy its arch – rival china by gaining independence from china!! why so ???

Why is china helping pakistan against india?? is it the price of the suffering of uyghur muslims??who is selling uyghur muslims for arms and cheap goods?? is it the pakistani muslim ??




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