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Muslim Woman Dressed In Hijab Takes American Woman And Stabs Her To Death In Broad Daylight

by Shoebat Foundation on December 3, 2014 in Featured, General
By Walid Shoebat

A Hijab is probably the best disguise a terrorist can use since one’s face can be covered concealing the person’s identity. An American school teacher was murdered in a public restroom at a mall by a suspect wearing a Hijab veil using a kitchen knife. The suspect was caught on video entering and then exiting the building after committing the crime:

It happened in the upscale Reem Island in Abu Dhabi where there is a heavy American presence. The American woman was 37 years old, her name has not been made public and she had 11-year-old twins who are now in the custody of police until their father, who is the victim’s ex-husband, arrives from abroad.

Col. Rashid Borshid, head of the Criminal Investigation Department, said the attacker remains at large. He said police are investigating possible motives and the gender of the attacker.


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