Regarding Dajjal Masih

This post is for the muslims: U believe that a dazzal or false prophet will come in future. Well and good. Today, I will tel u about the origin of dajjal masih concept or plan. This dajjal was conceived in bharat . It is found in tantra or vamachara.

Rishi Dayanand says in satyarthaprakash Chapter 11 “This evil [ i.e. Vamachara] took root 1000 years before the Great War [mahabharat, 5200+ yrs ago] , and even though the Vedic sages and seers lived in that age, yet the seeds of indolence, negligence, mutual jealousy and hatred had begun to sprout a little, and gradually they grew into lofty trees.” Archaeological evidence for saiva tantra: One can see the false 3rd eye on the forehead of the photos of human like beings revered as gods by ignorant people here in shankar ji Image

and here in kali ji


Let it be made clear here that the vedas decry idolatry.   Further u will see a serpent symbol on shankar ji Who is this serpent? It is the kundalini tantra serpent.

This tantra is anti vedas ShaivismHistoryMap

Yet this tantra has been popularized by forces inside the roman catholic church. [Eric Phelps says that it is promoted by the Jesuit Order]

****************************** O muslims . P. mohammed fought against this dajjal dharma. he was not fighting against the Vedic dharma. He was trying to bring people back to the original dharma which was suppressed by this snake. [Similiarly Buddhism was brought down by Tantric Buddhism. Judaism by Kabbala. Christianity by Catholicism and Hermeticism. Islam by  sufi-ism]. Now they are together here. That original dharma is the dharma of Rishi Brahma who was the 1st master of the 4 vedas [Is he ur Prophet Abraham ?]

See this video too



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