who killed the bangladeshi muslims in bodoland ?



The promotion of the Roman script for the Bodo language is also a significant demand of NDFB. The group’s members are mostly Christians, and are opposed to the use of Devanagari script for the Bodo language.[3]


Besides targeting non-Bodos and the security forces, the Christian-dominated NDFB has also been in conflict with the Hindu/Bathouist-dominated Bodo Liberation Tigers Force (BLTF). The BLTF has supported the security forces against NDFB, polarizing the Bodoland movement along religious lines.[5]


In 2003, the NDFB denounced the accord between BLTF and Government of India for the establishment of the Bodoland Territorial Council.[7]


NDFB is a Christian-dominated group, with an estimated 1,500 members in 2010.[2] 


19 August 2000 Guwahati NDFB kills Bineshwar Brahma, branding him an agent of the BJP-led Central government. Brahma was opposed to the adoption of the Roman script for the Bodo language, which had invited the ire of NDFB. [13]


May 2014 Kokrajhar and Baksa Districts 2014 Bodo attack: 32 Muslims were killed in a series of attacks. The government blamed NDFB-Songbijit faction for the attacks. The NDFB denied any involvement in the killings, and stated that the government agencies were behind the attacks. [21]


conclusion: the bangladeshi muslims were killed/sacrificed by the christian bodo to influence the voting behaviour of the people of India. Some body sitting in the west wants to ensure a weak coalition govt in india after election 2014.

divide and rule


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