The Jewish Indian Connection

This man then, [answered Aristotle,] was by birth a Jew, and came from Celesyria; these Jews are derived from the Indian philosophers; they are named by the Indians Calami, and by the Syrians Judaei, and took their name from the country they inhabit, which is called Judea; but for the name of their city, it is a very awkward one, for they call it Jerusalem. Therefore the jews follow the teachings of bharat/India. We worship AUM/swastka. Do they ? We have an anti-vedic Kundalini Tantric tradition or serpent power way. Do they have that too?

Did they have any Yagya kund or altar  in their temples?

What would u say for their descendants: christians and muslims? Whose philosophy do they follow?

Sufi Islam


Beware!! All true men of the almighty were against the religion of the serpent. Bible/genesis too speaks against the serpent who spoke to eve. do u recognize the serpent? I must add that India is the mother of both the vedic [rishi brahma- prophet abraham] and the anti-vedic [tantric] doctrine.‎
who r the true jews, christians and muslims ?

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