Jews are derived from the Indian philosophers

Roman historian Josephus writes that the “Jews are derived from the Indian philosophers”. He tells in Apion, Book 1, verse 22:

“For Clearchus, who was the scholar of Aristotle, says that ‘Aristotle his master related what follows of a Jew,’ and sets down Aristotle’s own discourse with him. The account is this, as written down by him: ‘Now, for a great part of what this Jew said, it would be too long to recite it; but what includes in it both wonder and philosophy it may not be amiss to discourse of. I shall herein seem to thee to relate wonders, and what will even resemble dreams themselves. For this cause it will be the best way to follow the rule which requires us first to give an account of the man, and of what nation he was, that so we may not contradict our master’s directions.’

“This man then was by birth a Jew, and came from Celesyria; these Jews are derived from the Indian philosophers; they are named by the Indians Calami, and by the Syrians Judaei, and took their name from the country they inhabit, which is called Judea.'” (emphasis mine)

Dr. S. Radhakrishnan offers confirmation of this heritage in his book Pracya Mattu Paschatya Sanskriti, “that the Greeks asserted that the Jews were Indians whom the Syrians called Judea, the Sanskrit synonym of which is Yadava or yaudheya, and the Indians called them Kalanis, [sic] meaning orthodox followers of scripture.” The characteristic of strictly following scriptural injunctions is a noted similarity, and would seem to be a requirement of anybody to be identified as a Jew.

Jews r derived from indian philosophers. Christianity is derived from Jews. Muslims r derived from both.

Thus, vedas r the root of all dharma.



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