http://www.d.umn.edu/~mcco0322/history.htm   Circumcision, although having been practiced in  areas throughout the world,  was first documented in art form by the Egyptians.  Found in an Egyptian tomb built for Ankhmabor in Saqqara and dating to around 2400 B.C.,  this image displays an Egyptian circumcision.   http://www.upi.com/Top_News/World-News/2014/01/22/Investigation-finds-no-child-abuse-in-Australian-circumcision-injuries/UPI-94911390396391/ http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/12/09/egypt-genital-mutilation_n_4389619.html http://hinduyouthcouncil.blogspot.in/ http://www.aryasamajjamnagar.org/chaptereleven.htm This evil took root 1000 years before the Great War [mahabharat – 5250 yrs ago], and even though the Vedic sages and seers lived in that age, yet the seeds of indolence, negligence, mutual jealousy and hatred had begun to sprout a little, and gradually they grew into lofty trees. When the preaching of the truth died away, ignorance spread all over India and its people began to quarrel and fight among themselves, for it is said, “Righteousness, wealth, gratification of legitimate desires and salvation are attainable only when teachers of the highest type are found in a country, but in the absence of good teachers and good disciples dense ignorance prevails. Whenever good teachers are born who preach the truth, ignorance is dispelled and the light of truth begins to shine forth.” SAANKHYA 3:79, 81.. Then the popes got the laity to worship them and their feet, and began to say that in that alone consisted their (future) happiness. PAGE 338 When the people were completely brought under subjection, the popes became entirely negligent of their duty, and extremely immersed in sensuality. As they were like shepherds, and the people like their sheep – ignorant dupes knowledge intellectual power, strength, courage, bravery and valor and all other good qualities were gradually lost. When they became licentious, they began to use meat and drink wine secretly.   The sect of Vaama Margis.. Back to contents Then a sect sprung up among them whose followers wrote books called the Tantraas in which various statements were introduced with words Shiva said. Parvati said, Bhairava said. In these books such curious things are written as follow:- “(Madya) wine, (Mansa) meat, Meena) fish, (Mudra-cakes), Maithuna) copulation, all these five beginning with the letter M lead to salvation in all ages.” KALITANTRA. “While in the circle of Bhairava persons of all Classes are regarded as twice-born, but after leaving the Bhairavi circle they all revert to their respective Classes.” KULARNAVA. “He, who drinks and drinks and drinks till he falls to the ground, gets up and again drinks, shall never be born again.” MAHANIRMANA TANTRA. “Excepting his mother let a man have sexual intercourse with all women. The Vedaas an the Shastras and other ancient books are like harlots. But the Saambhavi Mudra* is like a lady of high birth who lives in privacy.” JNANA SANKALANI TANTRA.


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