Don’t argue with the kashmiri musalman.

FACT: All kashmiri musalmans do not want freedom.

Let us watch the global muslim scene . The caliph is dead . the saudi king is a puppet of the globalists [jesuit order?] . saddam/gaddafi etc were used by the west and killed. The quran is being debunked

Same is the fate of the kashmiri musalman. They are puppets of the global powers [catholic church, jesuit order??] their leader farooq abdullah is also married to a catholic christian. [that shows his political acumen. he knows who r the real masters of the world] [note: same is the case of the hindu leadership . look at the gandhi (catholic)family]. their other leader, S  A  Geelani is the leader of a mohalla called downtown srinagar, kashmir. Strangely, people who could not unite under one banner are talking of freedom!!

the only thing they have achieved is the death/migration/incarceration of a lac of their youth. the kashmiri muslim has no answer to the missiles and bombs of modern global armies.

the kashmiri musalman [with allah, ferishtey and quran] will never achieve freedom because the world is globalizing towards a one world order /new world order/ one world government/ global village. he does not realize that he is not fighting the hindu in india . he is fighting socialism [a french import]. Those who will support the agenda of globalization will RULE. others r doomed to a bad life.

The kashmiri musalman has sown the wind [by casting the kashmiri shaiva tantrik hindu out  (he was not on the vedas)]; and now he is reaping the whirlwind. [he will never know peace till the catholic church converts majority of kashmiri muslims to catholicism]…

Take my advice, don’t waste ur time arguing with the kashmiri musalman; he is a spent force. Just tell him to defeat the armies of India, pak,afghan and china to achieve freedom. Ask him if he has the guts to do it???After that ‘IGNORE HIM‘. He cant leave India even if he tries to do so.

Question: Dear hindus, suppose that a kashmiri muslim girl  wants to leave kashmir, and marry a hindu living in the rest of India; will u accept her as a wife? Will ur mother do so? The larger question is that can u integrate the muslims and christians into vedic dharma if they want to live according to vedas? If not, then u r not on dharma.


3 thoughts on “Don’t argue with the kashmiri musalman.

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