Church of Norway prayed Islamic prayer against Israel

who is in control ?

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On 22nd of September, the Marxist controlled state Church of Norway prayed an Islamic prayer to defame Israel.

Jerusalem set up as a topic for sermons in the Norwegian churches on 22nd of September. All who wanted to focus on the “peace week, could pray a prayer distributed by Palestinian Christians.

Here the priest on behalf of the church profess that:

“We are guilty of the sin of the Israeli occupation by accepting the unjust actions that are applied to the rest of your children, and especially in your city, Jerusalem.”

Participants responded: “Forgive us, we pray you, merciful.”

Source: Norwegian Christian daily, Dagen.

My comment:

“Merciful”, that is “allah”, as he is presented in the Koran.

The marxist controlled Lutheran state “church” of Norway has embraced Islam as “the religion of peace”.  Lead by a state sponsored priesthood of Baal, Norwegians are lead into Islamic prayers. The…

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