1967: Israel gave the Temple Mount back to Islam

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One of the mysteries of 1967: Why did Israel give the Temple Mount back to Islam?

Many Christians taught that the return of the Messiah was imminent, when the Israeli army took control of the Temple Mount in June 1967.

Many got more than a surprise, when the Zionist Government gave the control over the most holiest site in Judaism, back to the Islamic Waqf.


Those who believe in mainstream Orthodox Judaism, believe that God of the Bible will rebuild a Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.And since we believe that God gave Israel the victory, why was God so weak, that he lost the Temple Mount?

Did God loose the 1967-war?

For a Christian, this issue should be very simple. God do not longer live in buildings made by the hands of men. Our body is now the Temple of the Holy spirit of God.


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