Double standards in Islam

How can Islam build the proof of the revelation upon the testimony of one woman “ Khadija “?

Yet, when witnesses are needed, it is required to have two men, or one man and two women?

According to Al Quran, Sura Al Baqara, Verse 281:  And call to witness, from among your men, two witnesses. And if two men be not (at hand) then a man and two women, of such as ye approve as witnesses, so that if one of the two erreth (through forgetfulness) the one of them will remind.

So, how can Islam accept the testimony of one woman in a dangerous subject like the revelation?

Thank you Pastor Ahmad for your question, I’ll ask Father Zakaria to reply.

Actually, this is one of the biggest defects in Islam.

First, here there is one witness   a woman, not two women with one man.

Was Waraqa a witness?

No, Waraqa did not see the angel.

We are talking about when Khadija said:  he is an angel and not a demon.

Khadija did not even see the angel! She just asked Muhammad if he could see him or not.

So, she was a witness who did not see anything, and yet she is still considered a witness!

Secondly, Khadija is a woman. Islam, and Muhammad himself, says that women’s minds are deficient and religiously deficient. So how can Islam believe a woman in such a dangerous subject like revelation? Every Muslim should think about these issues for his own benefit.

Arya siddhanti: When a muslim woman is raped and she goes to a shariah court for justice the judge asks her to bring 4  adult male witnesses [As for the rape, a woman alleging rape is required to provide four adult male eyewitnesses;].

Now we observe that Islam stands on the testimony of Khadija a non-muslim [Islam had not arrived yet] alone. Further, she did not see the angel Gabriel/jibril herself.

Why don’t Muslims question these double standards themselves?



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