To The Humans: What was the spark that caused Kashmir to ignite?

Dear Human Beings,

I write this article to relate the truth about the event which triggered the kashmir insurgency to you. Although this is off the main topic of this blog , yet I feel that a compilation is necessary.


Former National Conference leader and Member Parliament Abdul Rashid Kabuli Sunday revealed that being the election campaigner for NC during 1987 Assembly Elections he is witness to the fact how Chairman United Jihad Council, Syed Salahudin was forced to accept his defeat despite the fact he had won the Amirakadal seat with a big margin. Kabuli made these remarks during the press conference called by CPI (M) State Secretary Muhammad Yousf Tarigami at his Gupkar residence.

“I was election campaigner for National Conference that time and I know everything. I resented the actions of Dr Farooq Abdullah and resigned from Parliament membership. NC rigged the polls and gave few odd seats to Muslim United Front,” he said adding NC candidates suffered defeat in most of the Constituencies.

Abdul Rashid Kabuli said that in the making of Salahudin there is the hand of National Conference as this party tarnished the robust and sacred pillars of democracy by indulging in coercion and rigging.

“People lost faith in System after 1987 elections and situation in Kashmir Valley Changed. Youth took to gun and from last 23 years, people of Kashmir are suffering heavily.

Four months after the assumption of power by Dr. Farooq Abdullah, fresh elections were held for the State Assembly on 23 March 1987 which were contested by the Congress-I and the NC, in coalition. Before the elections, various secessionist and fundamentalist forces joined hands to form a ‘Muslim United Front’ mainly pointing out that the NCF had capitulated before the Centre for the sake of power and bartered away the special identity of the State. Efforts were made to arouse Muslim sentiments along communal lines. The NC-Congress(I) combine contested all the 76 seats and the MUF, 43 seats. However, the NC-Congress (I) alliance won 66 seats and the MUF could secure only 4 seats in the Valley even though it had polled 31% votes. This led to widespread allegations of rigging and misuse of power….. This election in a way was a watershed in the politics of the state. The NC-Congress (I) coalition left a vacuum in the secular/democratic politics of the state which was gradually filled in by the secessionist and fundamentalist forces…………Accompanied by rampant corruption, mal-administration and strains within the coalition, the government failed to administer the State effectively. In this environment, secessionist and subversive elements started claiming that they had been denied democratic rights illegally and began justifying a recourse to unconstitutional and other methods. It was in this environment that Pakistan capitalised and encouraged the Kashmiri youth to come across the border and receive arms training to begin an armed secessionist movement.

List of winners in 1987 elections.

1. People like Syed Salahuddin were wronged by NC-INC combine [socialist hindu-muslim votebank].

2. They lost faith in democracy.

3. Pakistan [read USA ] offered guns and training. The extreme right wing muslims took the opportunity to try for dar-ul-islam through jihad!!

4. Result= 50,000 dead men. Thousands [maybe lakhs ] of women raped. [was it worth the lost MLA seat; the NC is back in power in kashmir!!]. The majority of the kashmiri muslims want to live in peace today.

5. Loss of civil liberties.

6. Loss of accountability. Corruption!!

7. Migration of the best brains out of kashmir.

8. Rise of the Jihad Industry and its volunteers/employees.

9. Migration of kashmiri hindus  outside the state.

10.  No achievement as far as the goals of the armed struggle are concerned i.e. azadi/freedom.

11. I think that no body will get azadi/freedom because of the following:

a. The world is following the west i.e. USA and Europe.

b. The E.U. was formed after 2 world wars and a cold war.

c. There r talks of an American Union.

d. There is talk about a New world order or One world Govt.

e. If this is true [most likely it is as we have a UNO in place] then Kashmir will be a part of the South asia union.

Meanwhile all societies must try to save their male population to maintain a balanced society. .
Good website but just substitute JESUIT ORDER for JUDAISM becoz ERIC PHELPS says so.


Note: We saw how the Samajwadi Party managed a goof up over a crime to create another riot and  migration from western Uttar Pradesh.


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