Putin’s KGB banned Holy Koran in Russia

A Russian translation of the Koran is now officially banned by the KGB. According to Russian media, on September 18, an “October district court” in the Russian-occupied Emirate city of Tsemez (“Novorossiysk”) banned reading “The semantic translation of the Holy Koran into Russian” (translated from Arabic by E.R. Guliyev. 1st edition. King Fahd Complex for Printing of the Holy Koran, Medina, Munawwara, Saudi Arabia, 2002).


According to the KGB court, the Koran is “extremist literature” under the Russian Criminal Code article # 282. “The Koran calls for hostile and violent acts of one group of people against another on the basis of religion, in this case, Muslims against non-Muslims”, the KGB court ruled. According to Russian federal laws, it is now forbidden to read the Koran translation all over Russia, and keeping it at home is a criminal offense.


It is interesting to note that this unprecedented act of war on Islam remained virtually unnoticed by the media. Russian as well as western media outlets ignored the ruling of the KGB court. So-called muftis and various Muslim organizations in Russia are also silent.


Department of Monitoring

Kavkaz Center



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