Does Rig Ved 10.59.6-7 talk about Re-birth

rig 10.59.6-7

rig 10.59.6-7

Is Rig Ved 10.59.6-7 talks about Re-birth as per as Hindus and Arya samaj claim ?? Lets see असुनीते पुनरस्मासु चक्षुः पुनः पराणमिह नो धेहिभोगम |
जयोक पश्येम सूर्यमुच्चरन्तमनुमते मर्ळया नह्स्वस्ति ||
पुनर्नो असुं पर्थिवी ददातु पुनर्द्यौर्देवी पुनरन्तरिक्षम |
पुनर्नः सोमस्तन्वं ददातु पुनः पूषापथ्यां या सवस्तिः ||English rendering of Swami’s translation by Arya Samaj”O God! Thou conductest our pranas. We pray Thee that we may be happy whenever we may assume another body after death. Grant us, O God! The eyes and all the other senses, the pranas and the inner senses in our future birth when we may assume another body after forsaking the present. Do Thou grant us that when we are born again we may enjoy uninterruptedly all enjoyable thins. May we be able to see the luminous sun and the ingoing and outgoing pranas in all our rebirths. O God! Thou art the dispenser of honor and happiness, make us happy in all our rebirths, through Thy grace.””Be gracious, O Lord! To grant that in our rebirths the earth may give us prana born of food and strength, the bright light of the sun may give us prana and middle region may give us life; the juices of medicines such as soma, may give us body (bodily health and vigor). O God! Thou art the giver of strength and nourishment, show us in our rebirths the path of virtue (dharma). We pray that happiness be our lit in all our births through Thy grace.”[Rigvedadi Bhashya Bhumika, Part 4, English Version; An Introduction to the Vedas; Translated by Ghasi Ram M.A. L.L.B.]The Response
The above translations are no doubt partially inaccurate and therefore give a meaning that the context would never allow. Following is the translation by Hindu scholars.

Pandit Shri Ram Sharma Acharya
A more correct Englsh translation

“6. Asuniti, give us back the (departed) spirit: extend our life that we may live (long): establish us that we may long behold the sun: do you cherish the body with Ghee (that we have offered).7. Restrore to us, Asuniti, sight and breath, and enjoyment in this world: long may we behold the rising sun; make us happy, gracious (goddess) with prosperity.”

My review::

As you can see, Arya Samaj translations happen to be somewhat at variance with the actual translation. The word ‘rebirth’ (Punarjanam) is not present in the text of the mantras as Arya Samaj has mistranslated. Still, I am not concerned over the translations at this moment as much as I am concerned with the wrong deduction being made by Swami ji from these mantras. Following are the points which refute the claim that these mantras are speaking of reincarnation.

1.These mantras are no doubt a prayer. A prayer is always made for something that cannot be achieved ordinarily. According to Hindu theology of Karma, as per a persons deeds he/she is born again with a birth that is appropriate for the deeds done in previous life. A prayer for the same is useless and NOT required.

2.Moreover, why will one ask for rebirth, even though one knows the sufferings of this world? Why not pray for Moksha i.e. liberation from the cycle of births and deaths, which will at least make some sense?

3.When is this prayer being made? After death or at the time of death?

4.The words of the prayer become very weird if we assume that it is speaking about reincarnation. What is that ‘thing’ asking for the spirit and body? It appears to have neither spirit nor body.

5.What is the guarantee that this prayer is accepted?

6.Can this not be a prayer at the time of sleep, because sleep is the sister of death? Why assume that it is hinting at reincarnation? This prayer can very well be made at the time of sleep to wake up again with vigour and all the senses intact. That appears far more logical.

7.The prayer is of very cheap nature in the sense that it is asking for wordly food and enjoyment.

8.The mantras make mention of ASUNITI,the goddess that takes the souls. In no sanskrit lexicon does Asuniti stand for God as has been mistranslated by Arya Samaj.

These points prove that there is nothing about reincarnation in these mantras.


arya siddhanti: So u think that u can  debunk punarjanm by using translations by shri ram sharma acharya.

Here, let me show u  griffith:

6 Give us our sight again, O Asuniti, give us again our breath and our enjoyment.
Long may we look upon the Sun uprising; O Anumati, favour thou and bless us.

7 May Earth restore to us our vital spirit, may Heaven the Goddess and mid-air restore it.
May Soma give us once again our body [punarjanm!!], and Pūṣan show the Path of peace and comfort.

check max muller and sayanacharya

max muller 10.59.7 rig

max muller  and sayanacharya10.59.7 rig

can u read the words tatha somo nanstanwam shareeram  punardadatu:  ? try to understand now that max mueller and sayana believe that punarjanm exists in vedas.
On asuniti == let us see what H H Wilson says:

wilson rig 10.59.1-10 devta

wilson rig 10.59.1-10 devta

Wilson says that the goddess asuniti is the divinity in the next 2 verses . Obviously, asuniti is divine according to wilson.

What does shri ram sharma acharya say about asuniti ? he says ‘hey pranvidya ke gyata’ . who else but AUM, is the giver of the knowledge of pran vidya. Further, ur english translation is pathetic !!


rishi dayanand is right in his translations. u r prejudiced and wrong in ur analysis.

1. prayers have different benefits which u r unable to grasp. contrarily namaz is useless since allah provides based on his will::

Yusuf Ali ayat 30

Verily thy Lord doth provide sustenance in abundance for whom He pleaseth, and He provideth in a just measure. For He doth know and regard all His servants.

Further,  if he is pleased at times then he must be angry at other times. What kind of lord is he then. We r better off without allah. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

2. Mukti is not guaranteed in one birth, hence the prayer. Anyway, prayer is better than muslims blasting themselves to reach the arms of hoors.

3. the prayer is made throughout life.

4. The thing is a living person.

5. What is the guarantee that the blasted mujahid is accepted by the hoor and allah?

6. Can this not be ur hallucination!!

7. This act of ur guru is of very cheap nature:

8. asuniti is divinity as per other translators too. U r misquoting them as usual. keep trying .


2 thoughts on “Does Rig Ved 10.59.6-7 talk about Re-birth

  1. “Indeed, your Lord extends provision for whom He wills and restricts [it]. Indeed He is ever, concerning His servants, Acquainted and Seeing.”

    Think of a world where God approves everyone’s prayer. BJP and Congress both prays for their victory. Can it be possible to grant both their wishes.
    Muslims pray to GOD, and it is GOD’s will to provide them their wish.

    • Indeed, your Lord extends provision for whom He wills and restricts [it].

      Allah does not follow rules. He follows his own will. We observe that he jumps into the family squabbles of mohammed and his wife and helps mohammed solve his quarrels with his wife by providing ayats at the oppurtune time. Hence we do not consider allah to be the real eeshwar. namaste.

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