Mulla Naseeruddin – Nigrah Sthan

The debate was triggered when I shared the website of Zaki Ameen the apostate of Islam in 2011. I was joined by Acharya Anandraj [

Mushafiq and a bunch of muslim boys and girls were in the opposite camp. It was a long debate. I am presenting the result.




Mr Mushafiq has not placed his agreement on record till date. We recorded the results of the discussion on FB after 6 months. An article was also published on this point which has remained unanswered till date.


5 thoughts on “Mulla Naseeruddin – Nigrah Sthan

  1. When god/Allah made Adam he made him from earth, different types of earth, that’s why people have different colors. the making of Adam end Eves children were not normal, they came from Adams back, I don’t have knowledge on this topic, but they didn’t have children as we do now.

  2. yes, their children were related but this was different, you can’t compare Adam and Eve to normal people.


    Sahih International

    We said, “Go down from it, all of you. And when guidance comes to you from Me, whoever follows My guidance – there will be no fear concerning them, nor will they grieve.

    Yashwant: The usage of the words,” all of you” should mean that there was ‘a group of people’ !

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