Mulla Naseeruddin and his lies


Mulla Naseeruddin posted this on his facebook page. He writes that Vedic Eeshwar is a thief according to Rig 1/104/8.

I posted the following :

1.  Rigved ke mantra ka arth galat diya hai. wahan sabhapati/raja se prarthana ki gayi hai ki anyay se kisi ka bhojan padarth mat churao.

2. das shabd ka arth sevak hai slave ya gulam nahin.

When I cornered the rat, he claimed that the word sabhapati was used for Eeshwar in the bhashya. Obviously, he was pretending and was caught. I gave him a well deserved scolding. Result: he had no choice but to escape by banning me.


Conclusion: Mulla Naseeruddin is a born liar. In rigved 1/104/8 the king is being asked not to steal the food of subjects unjustly. He has substituted the word god for the word king. Using this makar he calls AUM a thief. Be fore warned and thus fore armed about his techniques!

[What else do u expect? After all, his food comes from donations to his website!! And in today’s consumerist society one needs a lot of money .]


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