Answering Satyarth Prakash ; The sky as a covering?

7.”Who hath spread the earth as a bed for you and the heaven as a covering.” (Surah 2: 22.)

Rishi Dayanand. ~ Well! Can the heaven a covering for anything? Now does it not show ignorance (of the author of the Qoran)? It is absurd to believe in the sky being a covering. If the Mohammedans believe some kind of planet to be the heaven, it can only be the work of their own imagination.

Mulla Naseeruddin: This allegation is an excellent example to see man’s ignorance compared to Allah’s knowledge []. Swamiji raised this objection in 1875, according to his 19th century scientific knowledge.
This attribute of the sky has been proved by scientific research carried out in the 20th century.

The atmosphere surrounding the earth serves crucial functions for the continuity of life. While destroying many meteors big and small as they approach the earth,…. the atmosphere filters the light rays coming from space that are harmful to living things…. The atmosphere also protects the earth from the freezing cold of the space, which is about minus 270 deg C…. the Van Allen Belt, a layer caused by the magnetic field of the Earth, also serves as a shield against the harmful solar radiation that threatens our planet.

Arya Siddhanti: U and ur false claims !!!!  You forgot about dark matter between the earth and the sun !!
Let us see what Tafsir-Jalalyn says, “He Who assigned to you, created [for you], the earth for a couch, like a carpet that is laid out, neither extremely hard, nor extremely soft so as to make it impossible to stand firm upon it; and heaven for an edifice, like a roof; and sent down from the heaven water, wherewith He brought forth, all types of, fruits for your provision; so set not up compeers to God, that is partners in worship, while you know that He is the Creator, that you create not and that only One that creates can be God.”

Here the commentator says that the heaven is like a covering/roof/building/edifice which allah uses to send down water/rain. That’s about all.

Mulla naseeruddin: Now what do the Vedas speak about the sky?

There is a Hymn (Sukt) in Atharva Veda for the glorification of the Odana i.e. oblation of boiled rice, in Atharva Ved Kanda 11. It says,

“This earth, is the cooking pot, and sun the lid of the Odana (rice) as it is cooking.” [Atharva Veda, Kandam 11; Sukt 3; Mantra 11]

Arya Siddhanti: As usual, u have made mistakes in the translation. U can’t even copy from arya samaj text without mistakes. Pathetic!

The meaning is [इयं एव] यही [पृथिवी] फैली हुई भूमि [राध्यमानस्य]  पक्ते हुए   [ओदनस्य ] ओदन (अर्थात सुख बरसाने वाले अन्नरूप परमेश्वर ) की [कुम्भी] पतीली और [द्यऔ  :] प्रकाशमान सूर्य [अपिधानम] ढकनी (के समान ) [भवति] है . This spread out earth is like the pot of ripening ODANA  [or AUM] and the shining sun is like the lid.

Now u should appreciate that the point that rishi dayanand is raising is that the atmosphere which is made of air is being presented by allah or mohammed sahib as a covering/roof/building/edifice here, which it is not. And what kind of roof is  it that allows water to seep through ? Why is the role of sun in rain-making ignored here ?

The vedas present the earth as the pot and the sun as the lid used by AUM for ripening grain in an allegorical way.  Obviously,  the sun provides energy and rain and the earth provides nutrients for a harvest of ripe grains. U do not seem to understand this simple concept.  This concept might have reached the ears of mohammed sahib during his discussions with some travelling/settled vedic pandits in arabia. That is why we find a corrupted version of this idea in the quran.



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