Why Hindus hate Max Muller and Muslims hate Sir Syed?

Mulla Naseeruddin: Why do u people hate Max Muller?

Arya Siddhanti: We neither hate him nor love him.

Mulla: Well Swami Vivekanand says that Max Muller is the re-incarnation of Sayanacharya.  He says that he chose to be born a mlechcha so that the expenses of printing the vedas could be less. He also says that : “Didn’t you hear that the East India Company paid nine lakhs of rupees in cash to have the Rig-Veda published? …. Hundreds of Vedic Pundits had to be employed in this country on monthly stipends.”


Arya : Interesting ! First of all, why should the victor spend a princely sum to publish the scripture of the vanquished without the possibility of reaping enormous profit in the future? Again, if Max Muller was so capable of translating the vedas, then why did the company hire ” Hundreds of Vedic Pundits” for the plan [plot] ? Further, if Max Muller followed Sayanacharya then what is his ‘original’ contribution?

He was being paid 4 pounds per sheet of paper!!!  He was probably a devout Pauline christian planning to harvest the souls of hindus who were trying to achieve independence [1857] due to the preachings of the likes of Rishi Dayanand etc. http://www.encyclopediaofauthentichinduism.org/articles/35_max_muller.htm

Even the white people have seen through his hoax: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTbQg0wKPx4

Mulla : But he was a very learned scholar!

Arya: Prof Aich says that “After passing the High School, he never appeared in any examination rather never cleared any examination. So obviously he can not possess any academic degrees.”
Can u show me his degrees with relevant records of the universities from where he got them?

Mulla: But other people liked him ?

Arya : He was hated by the Roman catholic people .  Monsignor Alexander Munro, an officer of the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland (and Provost of the Catholic Cathedral of Glasgow from 1884 to 1892), declared that Müller’s lectures “were nothing less than a crusade against Divine revelation, against Jesus Christ, and against Christianity”. The blasphemous lectures were, he continued, “the proclamation of atheism under the guise of pantheism” and “uprooted our idea of God, for it repudiated the idea of a personal God”. Similar accusations had already led to Müller’s exclusion from the Boden chair in Sanskrit in favour of the conservative Monier Monier-Williams.

And ” By the 1880s Müller was being courted by Charles Godfrey LelandHelena Blavatsky and other writers who were seeking to assert the merits of “Pagan” religious traditions over Christianity.”


Now u tell me Mullaji why do u hate people like Muller and Blavatsky who were influenced by paganism [jahalat ke daur ke mazhab]? Don’t u know that these paganists advise UNO about religion? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucis_Trust

Mulla: OHO! Why didn’t u tell me earlier that they support jahalat ! Lanat to them.

Arya: I will do that next time. But why do u hate Sir Syed? Is it because of his modern translations of Quran or because of him being a member of Freemasonry?




Mulla: because he had strayed from the right path.


Arya: R U sure?  And why do u send ur children to AMU then?


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