Facebook discussion on Islamic Education – Purity and cure in the Prophet’s Urine

Soldat Amir
Imam Jalal al-Din Suyuti reports from Tabarani and Bayhaqi who narrate from Hukaymah bint Umaymah (May Allah be pleased with her) with an authentic chain of transmission, she said, the Prophet (May Allah shower peace and blessings on Him) had a wooden bowl in which He used to urinate and was placed under His bed. One night, He searched for it but did not find it and asked for it saying, ‘where is the bowl?’ The members of the house replied ‘Umm Salamah’s slave girl Barrah drank from it’ who came from Habashah with her. The Prophet replied, ‘surely she has protected herself from the fire with a great wall’’
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Somil Arya Yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Somil Arya that slave girl would have died due to poisoning i mean drinking the poisonous piss of mo!
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Soldat Amir Don’t tell me she drank Mo’s urine? can someone confirm this, I fogot to mention it on the post
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Aliyu Mohammed Danmusa That was what she had done by mistake, I guess, so he suppressed her feelings by puting in such assurance, in other words it was like a kind of psychotherapy to boost her psychological settings or something
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Sam Brown If that bowl was here today and still full of Mo’s piss I wonder how many muslims would drink from it?
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Yashwant Mehta he could have saved himself from the fire too by drinking……….. couldn’t he ?
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Abu Islam I know that the companions rubbed his spit all over their bodies. I haven’t heard of this one before….hmmmmmmm
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Abu Islam Holy Piss! It checks out!
Islamic Education – Purity and cure in the Prophet’s Urine | Miscellaneous
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John van Leeuwen This takes a pissup to new levels.
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Wanchi Aslana i imagine Mo with his companions having pissing contest in the tent
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Ullu Ka Pattha Fucking delicious piss for Muslims. I wonder if hypothetically speaking, Mo’s piss appears somehow in a bowl, and as per this hadith, whoever drinks the piss would be guaranteed 100% salvation from the fire & hell of Allah’s yard. How many muslims here would drink the holy piss!?
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Vijaya Senthil OMG! I thought it was a satire initially. Still, its tragedy we have Muslims who preach to us that Muhammad is Prophet and Islam is a religion of peace. Muhammad ‘s condition was utterly pathological. That explains the dysfunctional Islamic world.
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Caliph Abdul Hamid Khan
Mulla Ali Qari authenticates the narration of Umm Ayman, in His Jam al-Wasa’il, 2:3, Dar al-Marifah Beirut. Here are the wordings, ‘She said,

‘One night the Prophet got up and went to a side to urinate in the bowl. During the night, I ros
e and was thirsty so I drank whatever was in it and I did not even realize what it was. In the morning, He said, ‘Oh Umm Ayman! Throw away whatever is in the bowl’. I replied, ‘I drank what was in the bowl’. He thereafter smiled as such that His Teeth appeared and said, ‘Listen! I swear by Allah! You will never have stomach pain’’.

For further research:http://wikiislam.net/wiki/Qur’an,_Hadith_and_Scholars:Urine#cite_note-Imam_Suyuti-1


4 thoughts on “Facebook discussion on Islamic Education – Purity and cure in the Prophet’s Urine

  1. Mohammad was a prophet who when passed through any place, for three days that place used to scent divine, the one who is deeply involved in a great communion with god, turns into a portal or a terminal through which a common man, if applied his faith properly can benefit himself from the gods grace via through such prophet, indeed ( I ask pardon from god while i speak about prophets urine) his urine must be full of not only material good, but also the spiritual good. Rubbing such divine persons spit and benefiting is indeed the wisest action, for no doubt one wants himself to be cured and he knows the medicine and luckily he has it there and then, one should be very lucky to get such an opportunity. If i am permitted and excused, such miracles are observed in persons who dwell in both the nirguna and the saguna.

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