Burqa & Natural Justice

Mulla Naseeruddin: Islam prescribes burqa to save women from the lustful eyes of men. Consider what could happen to a woman if the man is not able to control his lust.

Arya siddhanti: Who is at fault if the man cannot control himself even in the case of a woman who is modestly dressed, although without a burqa?

Mulla Naseeruddin: The man, of course!

Arya siddhanti: Then why do u punish the woman by covering her up?

Arya siddhanti: Again, can a woman look at a man with lustful eyes even though she is wearing a burqa?

Mulla Naseeruddin: Yes, why not!

Arya siddhanti:Then why don’t u cover a man with a burqa too?


If u say that the burqa was used by Arab women to save themselves from sandstorms then we have no objection to it.

[The men and women of coastal India include an umbrella into their attire.]



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