Learn Basic Sanskrit Grammer

All persons who are interested in learning  Sanskrit Vyakaran to learn and teach Arya Vaidik Dharm on SKYPE/Gtalk/Yahoo messenger should contact Acharya Dinesh, Paropkarini Sabha Ajmer.

The classes are generally held during mornings and evenings.

The duration can be as under:

Rachnanuvada Kaumudi [K L Dwivedi]= 1 year

Each unemployed student shall be asked to deposit a security of Rs.1000/- .

Employed persons shall deposit Rs.2000/- and can study [with/without] family on the SKYPE/Gtalk/Yahoo messenger link.

Security deposit will be refunded after the person successfully completes the course.

Contact details:



IInd option

Acharya Shravan Kumar


Prarambhika Rachnanuvada Kaumudi [K L Dwivedi]= 4-6 months


NOTE: Special classes can be conducted for interested persons [about 5-6 students / class] for a monthly donation [say Rs. 1000] which can be agreed upon mutually. This money will be used for the internet/mobile charges and laptop repairs, miscellaneous other expenses, etc.

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