Sri Krishna the loose character!

Many people say that King Krishna was a loose character.

Let us analyze whether the above is true.

In Mahabharat Sauptika Parva 12/30 it is written:

brahmcharyam mahad ghoram cheertva dwadasham varshikam !
himvat parshvamabhyetya yo maya tapsarjit: !!

That son whom I obtained through ascetic penances and observances of austere brahmacarya for twelve years on the breast of Himavati whither I had gone for the purpose.

Why did Sri Krishna & his wife adhere to Brahmcharya for 12 years? Did our scriptures command him to do so?

What does Rishi Panini say about Brahmcharya:

ahinsa satyaasteyabrahmcharyaparigraha yama: II2/30II

2.30 Self-restraint in actions (yama) includes abstention from violence, from falsehoods, from stealing, from sexual engagements, and from acceptance of gifts.

What is the significance of these 5 yamas?

2.31 These five willing abstentions are not limited by rank, place, time or circumstance and constitute the Great Vow (Maha-Vrata).

[Note: Efficacy/ Utility of Ekadashi vrat, etc for attaining samadhi is not upheld/supported by the Rishis.]

What is the benefit of observing Brahmcharya?

2.38 When one is confirmed in celibacy, spiritual vigor is gained. [Veerya= physical and mental power, valour, virility, etc  is obtained .  read  Shad-darshanam-Swami Jagdeeshwaranand  pp.153/]

Am I fooling you? How can a grihasthya be a Brahmchari?

Observe the sayings of Rishi Manu: Chapter III

[45. Let (the husband) approach his wife in due season, being constantly satisfied with her (alone); he may also, being intent on pleasing her, approach her with a desire for conjugal union (on any day) excepting the Parva(s).
46. Sixteen (days and) nights (in each month), including four days (menses) which differ from the rest and are censured by the virtuous, (are called) the natural season of women.
47. But among these the first four, the eleventh and the thirteenth are (declared to be) forbidden; the remaining nights are recommended.
48. On the even nights sons are conceived and daughters on the uneven ones; hence a man who desires to have sons should approach his wife in due season on the even (nights).
49. A male child is produced by a greater quantity of male seed, a female child by the prevalence of the female; if (both are) equal, a hermaphrodite or a boy and a girl; if (both are) weak or deficient in quantity, a failure of conception (results).]

50. He who avoids women on the six forbidden nights and on eight others, is (EQUAL IN CHASTITY TO) a student [Brahmchari], in whichever order [Ashram] he may live.

[read Vishuddha Manusmriti by Prof. Surendra Kumar, Arsha sahitya prachar trust 455 khari baoli Delhi 110006 / ph.23953112. He has purified/restored the manu-smriti by deleting the anti-vedic interpolated verses]

What do the vedas say about Brahmcharya ?

Brahmcharyen tapsa deva mrityumpagnata ! Atharva 11/5/19
By Fervour and by self-restraint the Learned/Erudite persons [deva=Vidwaan, Eeshwar, etc] drove Death away  from them.
R. Griffith  translates Deva=God here which is incorrect. The context is brahmcharya and AUM is pure Consciousness. Where is the relevance of brahmcharya for AUM?
[Read Veda translations of Paropkarini Sabha, Ajmer, ph 0145-2460120]

Hence we have proved that Sri Krishna was a GRAHASTHYA BRAHMCHARI who followed the VEDAS and the Rishis!

What do the Vedas say on Polygamy?

In Atharva Veda 7.38.4, wife says that “You should only be mine. You should not even discuss/think about other women.”


obviously no!

Then why do our own books say so?

Because some low quality brahmins wrote these lies and attributed their writings to Famous Rishis of yore [I mean Puraanas, etc.

Conclusion: Sri Krishna [the man, the king] had ONLY  one wife and she was called Rukmini. They had ONLY  one boy & he was called Pradyumna.

So what should we do now?



1. Read Brahmcharya Gaurav by Swami Jagdeeshwaranand Rs.10/

2. Jesus Christ the God of the christians and the prophet of Islam is married to 100 million nuns in the last 2000 years.




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  2. Those who believe me I’m his without any doubt, those who deny me live in total darkness even in presence of Sun.” SriKrishna to Arjun. Devotion to God if you want to see character wise please don’t fool yourself. No one in entire universe 🌌 can be better than SriKrishna nor after my words written. May some times people forget about friendship but No friend be better than Sri Krishna whose request he left Dwarka and helped Arjun in war, No Student can be better than Sri Krishna who returned dead son of teacher to Guru as Guru dakshina, No Human was better than Sri Krishna as he left Mathura and made Dwarka just to save innocent people from quarrel between Him and Jarasand, No warrior was better than Sri Krishna who taught b

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