Do’s and Don’s in the Vedas

Aum Vishwani Deva Savitar Duritani Parasuva!

yadbhdram tann aasuva!! Yaju 30-3

O AUM relieve me of my bad qualities and add good qualities to my being.


Yajur 6/12
Do not be like a snake (i.e. do not spit/speak venom; do not take the life of others; do not be crafty/sly like a snake)

Ma Pridaku:
Yajur 6/12

Do not be arrogant like a fool OR do not be a violent person like a Tiger. Do not be violent with living beings who have not commited any crime.

Ma bhrata bhrataram dwikshan
ath 3/30/3
Let not a brother hate a brother.

manta sthurno aratayah
ath 13/1/59
let no person who does not give charity stay near us.

Ma yajyam hinsishtam
Yajur 5/3
Do not place impediments in the way of transfer of vidya OR do not give pain to the giver of knowledge.

Yajur 6/22
Do not destroy/pollute resources of water   and grain/vegetables OR grain/veg. and water themselves.

Prithveem ma hinsi:
Yajur 13/18
Do not destroy/pollute the earth.

imam ma hinsidwipadam pashum
Yajur 13/47
Do not kill the two legged animals  like birds and men, etc.

imam maa hinsireka shafam pashum
Yaju 13/48
Do not kill the one hoofed animals like horse, donkey, etc.

ma hinsim aditim
yajur 13/49
Do not kill the animal who is not worthy of being killed i.e. cow.

Uurnayum ma hinsi…ushtram
yajur 13/50
Do not kill sheep and camel.

ma aghashansa…aghanya
yajur 1/1
let no bad criminal be born amongst us  …..that which is unworthy of being killed/harmed i.e. cow.

ma hinseet purushan pashunshcha
atha 3/28/5
Do not kill/harm men and animals (who have not commited any crime).

ma no gamashwam purusham wadhi:
atharva 10/1/29
do not kill the cow or men [who are innocent].

Ma gridhah kasya swid dhanam
yaju 40/1
Do not be covetous.

Griha ma vibheet
yaju 3/41
Do not be afraid of married life.



kraturbhi: sukraturbhi:

Rug 1/91/2

Try to become a man who does good deeds [like yajna,etc] using his intellect .

shraddhaya vindase vasu
Rug 10-151-4
By  upholding truth {or keeping shraddha/faith} man attains grandeur

Rug 5/51/15
follow the path to well-being

swayam yajasva
Rug 10/81/5
perform yajna yourself

swayam tanvam vridhan:Rug 10/81/5
Increase the strength of your body by brahmcharya, excercise etc

ut deva avahitam deva unnyatha pun:
O learned men uplift those who have fallen/erred

Rug 10/191/2
let us move together

Rug 10/191/2
let us speak together

samana hridayani va:
Rug 10/191/4
your hearts and minds should be similiar

puman pumansam paripatu vishwatah
Rug 6/75/14
the virile should protect the virile men from all sides. all virile men should help each other.

ashmabhavatu nastanu:
Rug 6/75/12
our body should be as strong as a stone

Brahm varma mamantaram
Rug 6/75/19
Aum/knowledge which resides within me is my armour. [Increase knowledge]

adha: pashyasch mopari
Rug 8/33/19
O woman be modest not arrogant.
[kashplakow ma drishat = let not your lower parts be visible]

sarvam tadindra te  washe
rug 8/93/4
O my intellect, let those  [tamasic sanskar/vritti] bad dispositions [which u want to destroy] be [under] subservient to you.

bhasram bhadram na aabhar
Rug 8/93/28
O AUM please fill us up with well-being [ inspiration and knowledge about consciousness and materials]

shuddha: poota: bhavata yajyiyasa:
Rug  10/18/2
Attain purity by performing yagna

martyo: padam yopanto yadait
Rug 10/18/2
when u will push the reasons for death by your feet [you will attain long life through ayurveda and yoga]

draghiya ayu: prataram dadhana:
Rug 10/18/2
attain excellent and long life

madhumanme parayanam madhumatpunaragamanam
Rug 10/24/6
Both my journey to far away lands and coming back from there should be sweet.
{does one lose caste by travelling beyond the sea?}

bhadra vadhurbhavati yatsupesha: swayam sa mitram vanute jane chit
Rug 10/27/12
That bride is good who picks a husband who is her friend amongst men.
[swayam var = marriage by choice of bride]

Veda nava: samudriya:
Rug 1/25/7
Veda gives Knowledge of the boat to cross the sea [physical sea as well as sea of life]. Thus the wise use this knowledge from the vedas.

sthirav: santu Aayudha:
Rug: 1/39/2
Let your  weapons be strong

Aa No Bhadra Kratvoyantu Vishvata:
Let us receive excellent thoughts and deeds from all sides.

Rug 1/89/2
devanam sakhyamupsedima vayam
we should cultivate friendship with the scholars/vidwaan/learned men

Rug 10/48/1
ahamdashushe vibhajami bhojanam
I, AUM give plenty/grand status to the person who gives charity/food to the needy.

aham indro na parajigy
Rug 10/48/5
I am Indra [grand =aishwary yukta]. I can never be defeated. [Worship me]

Rug: 10/60/12
Ayam me hasto bhagwan
this  hand of mine is grand [will make me grand through hard work]

Rug 10/60/12
Ayam vishwa bheshaja:
This hand of mine  is the medicine [by keeping my hand on someone’s head I give love and protection]

Rug 10/81/3
Dhyawa bhumi janayan dev ek:
The earth and the bright regions near the sun are created/[inspired to be created] by the One AUM. Believe so.

Ya devanam namdha ek ev
Rug 10/82/3
The lord having many names like Indra, Vishnu, Shiv, etc is ONE.

Adeena: syam sharada: shatam
Yaju 36/24
Let us live 100 years without being destitute.

me mana: shivsankalpamastu
yaju 34/1
My mind should vow/resolve to achieve welfare of all.

devanam bhadra sumatirrujuyatam
Yaju 25/21
Let us obtain the intellect of scholars make difficult subjects easy to understand  [by friendship/company with scholars]

Bhadram karnebhi shrunuyam:bhadram pashyemakshbhi:
yaju 25/21
Listen to nice words. Look at nice visuals.

pratijagrahi twamishtapoorte
Yaju 15/54
Leave avidya/dormancy and gain consciousness through vidya and do ishta and poort karmas
Ishta karma=honor scholars, worship AUM, keep good company, teach other people about true knowledge.[social welfare]
Poorta karma  =strong body, erudition, youth, adequate means [Personal  welfare]

jaya patye madhumatimvachamvadatu
Atharvaveda 3/30/2
let the wife talk to her husband with sweet words.

mayi evastu mayi shrutam
Atharva 1/1/2
Let the vedic knowledge which I hear remain in me [I should not forget it]

apsu bheshajam
atharva 1/4/4
there is medicinal quality in water

yadantaram tad bahyam yad bahyam tadantaram
Ath 2/30/4
That love which is inside the heart of the groom should  be explicit to the bride. That which is shown by the groom should establish inside the bride’s heart.

samani prapa sahvo ann bhaga:
ath 3/30/6
may u drink water from the same place. may u eat food together.

anyo anyasmai valgu vadant
ath 3/30/5
Be truthful to each other.

samyanchognim saparyatara nabhimiva bhit:
ath 3/30/6
Sit around the yagya agni even as the spokes of a wheel surround the wheel.

ya: satyavadhyati tam srujantu
ath 4/16/6
honour him who speaks truth

Bhadram gruham krunuth
Ath 4/21/6
Make your home auspicious/conferring happiness

Priyam ma deveshu
Priyam sarvasya pashyat:
ath 19/62/1
Let me win the affections of the learned. Let all persons look at me with fondness and affection.

shathast samahar sahasrahast sankir
ath 3/24/5
Collect with a hundred hands and distribute with a thousand hands.

Aarohanam aakramanam jeevato jeevatoyanam
ath 5/30/7
All men should strive to move forward and upward.

suprashastam sakhano asi paramanch bandhu
O lord u r a praiseworthy friend  of us [atma(s)]

samaani va aakuuti:
ath 6/64/3
Let our thoughts/aims be similiar/same

sarvan patho anrun aakshiyem
ath 6/117/3
Let us remain debt free in all directions/on all routes.

Shuddha poota yoshito yajyiya
ath 6/122/5
the women who perform yajya should remain pure.

Yajyen yajyamayajanta deva:
ath 7/5/1
the scholars worshipped AUM with the feeling of renunciation.

Udyanam te purusha navayanam
ath 8-1-6
o man may u move upward and not downward.

ihaiva stam ma viyoushtam
ath 14/1/22
the groom and bride should live according to the rules of married life and should never be separated.

Aaroha tamso jyoti:
ath 8/1/8
Move from darkness to light

ath 10/8/23
the learned call AUM  eternal

brahmcharyen tapasa deva mrityumpaghnat
ath 11/5/19
the learned did away the with the causes of death i.e. poverty, depression, etc  by observing tap, control of the senses,  swadhyaya, etc

Based on the book written by Dr. Yogendra Kumar MA , Ph.D


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