Rebuttal of ‘Vedic Paradise: An Overview ‘

I congratulate  Mulla Naseeruddin for showing so much interest in the one and only true knowledge of the one and only true lord of the universe: AUM.

Regarding Rigveda mandal 9 sukta 113 mantra 7-11.

I am afraid the translations are incorrect.

mantra 7

The moksha in which there is unending light (of  vidya and not avidya/darkness) & the jyana which gives happiness/sukha alone; to that amrit state ( condition devoid of death) which is devoid of deterioration; O lord, purifier of all , keep/take me. O lord please be the reason for attainment of moksha state for the jyana yogi.

mantra 8

where kaala/time is king, where there is an abundance of adhyatmic jyana (vidya-knowledge of atma-paramatma).

O lord,  please help me attain that moksha state.

mantra 9

where one can move freely in jyana/swarga (those who lack knowledge are verily in ajyana/narak); where one can see jyana/vidya/wisdom everywhere . O lord,  please help me attain that moksha state.

mantra 10

where all work is without kaam-vasna (lower desires), which is the highest attainment of  brahm jyana,  where the thirst for knowledge/wisdom/vidya ends. O lord,  please help me attain that moksha state.

mantra 11

where there is ananda (higher than sukha which is felt by indriya) , where the mukta atma(s) are present.O lord,  please help me attain that moksha state.



Light of Truth

by Rishi Dayanand Chapter [A Statement of my Beliefs], p731

42. Swarga (Heaven) is the enjoyment of extreme happiness and the attainment of the means thereof.
43. Narka (Hell) is another name for undergoing extreme suffering and possession of the means thereof.

Now that the concept of the Vedic Paradise is clear we can deal with the other doubts easily

Regarding ‘Where is the Paradise’

“Whether, O Indra and Agni, you be dwelling in highest Paradise, in central region, or on earth, come hither, from wherever you may be and drink libations of the flowing Soma.” [Rig Veda- Mandal 1; Sookt 108; Mantra 10]

here the word paramasyam has been translated as highest Paradise whereas it should be –uttam guna wali ( having best qualities).  And the next word is prithivyam or rajya/bhoomi i.e. land.

Regarding ‘How far is the Vedic Paradise?

“This gold-hued Hansa’s wings, soaring to heaven, spread over a thousand days’ continued journey, supporting all the Gods upon his bosom; he goes his way beholding every creature.” [Atharva Ved Kaand 13; Sookt 2; Mantra 38]

the correct translation :

That omnipresent Eeshwar who is already in moksha state, who can take away our sorrows, whom we should try to emulate, is spread in many places and times [sahastra means many in the vedas; like seven means many in the quran]. That Lord keeps an eye on  all …….

Regarding ‘Who inherits Vedic Paradise and How?’

“May we, fame-seekers, reach the world of virtue by service of the Gharma and through fervour, whereby the Gods went up to heaven, the centre of life eternal, having left the body.” [Atharva Ved 4:11:6]

The correct translation is:

“May we, fame-seekers, reach the world of virtue [with the help of the lord] by lofty karma [like that of the sun] and through fervour, whereby the Vidwaans[learned men] attained State of Swarga , the centre of life eternal, having left the [ahankar of the] body.” [Atharva Ved 4:11:6]

Regarding ‘Is Vedic Paradise physical or spiritual?’

“If Agni Jātavedas, as he bore you hence to the Fathers’ world, had left one single limb of your bodies, here do I restore it. Fathers, rejoice in heaven with all your members!” [Atharva Veda- Kaand18; Sookt 4; Mantra 64]

Dear Mulla Naseeruddin , this mantra talks of the leftover responsibilities of the person who is taking sanyas. His son undertakes to complete the job {ekam [karma]angam}. So that his father can try to attain sukha vishesha or swarga with a free mind.

Anyway I enjoyed explaining your doubts. My best wishes are with you. You belong to the miniscule minority of men who think.



8 thoughts on “Rebuttal of ‘Vedic Paradise: An Overview ‘

  1. —-You belong to the miniscule minority of men who think.—- i disagree, he belongs to a larger section of men who believes that ‘two wrongs make a right’. He is in a quest to prove his religion is least corrupt than the rest of the lot.

      • It doesn’t matter here what’s my take on religion, brother yasharya. My objection is only on your assumption of this kashmiri jehadi’s sincere attempt to analyse vedas. btw…its been more than 15 days since you posted your rebuttal on IH site. why didn’t he replied you yet? Any clue? 😉

      • Brother Yasharya,

        Nevertheless, you’re doing an exceptional job. Why don’t you colaborate with Same goal, right?

  2. Namaste yash arya ji
    In your artical you have written in one of your saying that is– Light of Truth

    by Rishi Dayanand Ch 16, p731
    but arya ji there are only 14 chapters in light of truth

  3. Namaste yash arya ji
    As said by many in comment section of your sit .I also suggest you to join the Agniveer/satyagni mission. You will be a great source to them. And loved you response to fanatic mind . May ishwara bless you


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