Vedas are eternal

First & foremost, I appreciate the efforts of Mulla Naseeruddin and his gurus. They have done what should be done by all hindus: Read the Vedas.

Vedas are eternal – A Detailed Analysis


The vedas were transmitted as an oral tradition before being written. So the contention of Mulla Naseeruddin et al that the Vedas are 4000 years old does not hold water.

The flames of a raging fire point towards the sun which is the storehouse of heat and light. The river flows to the sea which is the largest water body.

Similiarly, where did the parsees go when they wanted to save themselves from Islam? They fled to India, their source. Hence Sanskrit is the mother of Persian.


1. Yajur Veda Adhyay (Chapter) 13; Mantra (Verse) 37

“O Learned man! (What kind of Learned man?) One who has gained knowledge from persons who r (already) scholars (i.e. those who have attained scholarship before being approached by  any particular man trying to acquire learning and hence are in a position to teach him the truths of life). (Again, what kind of learned man?)  One who gives charity. (O learned kshatriya) Join your trained horses to your chariots, with well equipped soldiers and armed forces, ready to face your enemy and establish yourself on the throne on justice  (to do justice).”

Further, AUM is the first vidwaan/scholar. The 4 rishis (Agni, Vayu, Aditya and Angira)who were born in the first creation received/learnt the vaidik knowledge from AUM and gave the 4 vedas to the world. For learning a vidya one will always need a teacher. First one has to learn and then one can teach.

2.  Yajur Ved Adhyay 12; Mantra 111 reads

“O humans, follow thou the scholars (What kind of scholars?)- those who are aware of the ups and downs, those who have acquired extensive knowledge (of Vedas, etc), who are (already) righteous, who have experience of age (or those who have used their years in acquiring the knowledge of the Vedas, etc).  You too should utilize your time/age/yuga (a measure of time) for gaining Vaidik knowledge, etc. This is what I command you.”

Which Sanskrit word means ‘Passed away’ in this mantra? If the scholar has passed away how will we receive vaani ka sukha: the joy of hearing his discourse on the Vedas?

3. Further, it is mentioned in Yajur Ved Adhyay 19; Mantra 38

(How should the young persons in a family request their elders to save them from bad company?) “O our Father, Grandfather and Great-Grandfather. Purify our life. Fulfill our wishes and our hard work in all ways. Keep us away from those evil dog-like humans who live near and far.”


RigVeda mentions numerous gods (devataas).


The Rigveda states in Book 1, hymn 164 and verse 46:  “Sages (learned Priests) call one God by many names.” [Rigveda 1:164:46]


Regarding  About Soma

Swami Dayanand and his followers say that Soma was a herb used to make an energizing drink but surprisingly it has become extinct and we cannot find it anywhere today. This implies that an entire Mandal (Book) of RigVeda has become useless.

There is an Ayurvedic tonic for congestion called ‘Zeal Herbal Granules’ manufactured by Vasu Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. 896/A G.I.D.C. Makarpura, Vadodara -10. Amongst the various ingredients used is SOMA–Sarcostemma acidum–0.4%.

Further, the word Soma has many meanings. One of them is pure water. Thus this argument is also redundant.

Regarding: Encouraging and glorifying robbers, dacoits, murderers, cheats and looters

[Yajur Veda Adyay 16; Mantras 20-23]

Kindly upload the scan of the pages from the veda bhashya u r referring to.


Zoroaster was a recipient of Vaidik fundamentals. Chek Pt no. 1.


5 thoughts on “Vedas are eternal

  1. Dear Yasharya,

    There is no point in teaching vedas to muslims. It’s time for us to understand Islam and refute it logically. And help our muslim brothers out, who are the primary victims of the sheer stupidity in disguise of a religion(ISLAM).

    I don’t know wether you are aware of this website which, I believe, has been given to us by god himself. I am a sincere critic of Islam and believe that Islam’s days are numbered. I would like you to take your time and go through the website in detail. Following is the link to a challenge which no muslim scholar has ever been able to meet.

    Vande Mataram.

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